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Community First Campaign

Fishermen’s Community Hospital is Boldly Addressing the Health and Well-being of Marathon and the Middle Keys.


Fishermen’s Community Hospital is taking a comprehensive approach to addressing the healthcare needs of Marathon and the Middle Keys for the next several decades.

A Far-reaching Plan That Puts the Community First.

Fishermen’s Community Hospital leaders and planners believe that now is the time to make great strides in meeting the area’s healthcare needs. Accordingly, Fishermen’s Community Hospital proposes the following development plan:

Renovation, Replacement, and Addition of Facilities

Elevated and Storm Resistant Structure: Create an elevated structure with storm resistant features to improve first receiver capabilities following emergency events. This includes Emergency Department, Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery, and other areas as space permits.

Facility Improvements: Replace air conditioning system for main building and surgical addition, add heating capacity to areas not now served, replace entire roof, upgrade plumbing and wiring, replace all flooring, replace lobby furnishings and furniture in main, outpatient, and ER lobbies, repair/resurface all walls and ceilings, hook up generator to AC units, and replace security surveillance system to improve coverage.

Cardiology Services: Replace CT Scanner with 64-slice unit, which can perform detailed cardiac screening and diagnostic studies. Replace or upgrade cardiac monitors throughout ICU, ER, OR, Medical/Surgical Rooms, outpatient, and ancillary areas.

Emergency Department: Enlarge ER, add exam rooms, create privacy for patient registration and discharge, modernize nursing and support areas, replace or upgrade critical care equipment and monitors, and replace patient stretchers and all seating.

Surgical Suite: Upgrade or replace laparoscopic equipment, endoscopic equipment, and add general surgical instrumentation. Replace flash sterilizer, boiler, three OR tables, replace or upgrade patient stretchers, and replace two anesthesia machines.

Laboratory: Upgrade testing equipment, replace refrigeration, and remodel outpatient blood draw area.

Diagnostic Imaging: Replace CT scanner with a 64-slice unitto improve cardiac screening and diagnostic studies, replace two portable x-ray units, add one surgery C-arm unit, replace bone densitometry unit, replace one offsite x-ray unit in Marathon orthopedic office, add new unit at Big Pine Key office, upgrade physician viewing stations for PACS system, remodel and upgrade radiologist office/workstations, and acquire MRI unit with software and coils for breast imaging.

Patient Rooms: Replace patient beds and furniture, replace headwalls, remodel bathrooms, additional patient monitoring and vital signs equipment and computers for each room, upgrade TV service to improve reception and add patient education features.

Information Technology: Improve convenience and access to services for outpatient areas, including upgrading systems to allow a patient portal for medical record and information access by patients. Replace approximately 100 PCs (desktop and mobile units), replace current computer operating system licenses, acquire new server rack, and rack-mounted servers for hospital information system (clinical and financial), increase air conditioning capacity for data center, purchase software currently being leased, upgrade presentation facilities for web-based classes and community education functions.

Community-based Facilities

Convenient Care Marathon: Upgrade waiting area furniture, replace computers, upgrade patient monitoring and vital signs equipment.

Convenient Care Big Pine Key: Purchase building now used, install new digital x-ray unit, upgrade physical therapy equipment, upgrade waiting area furniture, replace computers, upgrade patient monitoring and vital signs equipment.

Marathon: Replace, upgrade, and add equipment for patient treatment modalities inRehabilitative Services. Install patient monitoring and vital signs equipment and construct new space nearer to the hospital to improve accessibility for outpatients and inpatients.

Medical Office Building

Remodel interior spaces in all our physician practices, replace waiting area furniture, upgrade patient monitoring and vital signs equipment, complete structural and spalling repairs on existing buildings, construct new building contiguous to the hospital’s main campus.

Physician Recruiting

Add equipment for telemedicine services in specialties that are needed part-time, such as Neurology, and purchase office furnishings and equipment for new practices.

Benefits to Patients: Patients will experience improved privacy, comfort, and treatment outcomes. Family members and visitors, too, will experience improved comfort and expanded information relevant to their hospitalized family member or friend.

Benefits to Medical Providers: Medical services will be provided efficiently, allowing time for patients and family interaction to improve care outcomes. More patients can be served by the same facility with improvements to systems and equipment.

Benefits to the Community: The hospital will continue to provide a majority of care needed locally, conveniently, and with positive outcomes. Hospital improvements will foster development of clinical affiliations for tertiary services with highly ranked providers, when needed. The positive economic and community development influence of the local medical community will increase.

Estimated Cost

Estimated cost of providing the upgrades and additions described above over the next five years is projected to be a minimum $23.8 million (with partial renovation and replacement of core building) and a maximum $38.8 million (with complete renovation and replacement of core building), and is applied as follows:

Complete Renovation and Replacement of Core Building: $25 million

Partial Renovation and Replacement of Core Building: $10 million

o   Emergency Room

o   Related ER Facilities

o   Diagnostic Imaging

o   Laboratory

o   Cardio-Pulmonary

o   Equipment (including renovations/installations) $5.6 million

New Physician Contracts: $1.2 million annually.

o   Full-time

o   Pediatrics

o   Urology

o   Orthopedics

o   Part-time

o   Neurology

o   Pulmonology

Endowment (funding capital maintenance and assist funding New Physician Contracts): $7 million.

The Community First Campaign.

Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation is launching the Community First Campaign to raise the funding needed to make the hospital’s development plans a reality.The campaign is a volunteer effort led by community leaders who are dedicated to helping the hospital provide the best healthcare possible for the residents and visitors of Marathon and the Middle Keys.

Campaign Goal.

The campaign goal, which is expected to reflect the financial need to completely fund the hospital’s advancement program, has yet to be set.A planning study is now underway to determine the community’s ability and desire to fund the proposed plans.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity.

The Community First Campaign represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations in Marathon and the Middle Keys to fund the continued development of Fishermen’s Community Hospital into the modern and up-to-date community hospital that the area needs and deserves.

Cultivating Support for Our Community Hospital.