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Donor Recognition

Start of our Donor Wall

Start of our Donor Recognition Wall


Fishermen’s Community Hospital lobby has been transformed into an underwater coral reef masterpiece. Under the direction of Sheila Cook, owner of The Art Studio as well as her husband Steve and The Art Studio employees, Lynn Loftus, Jessie Vandervoot and Ashley Evenrud; they have spent the past three months meticulously detailing every inch of the mural, three dimensional coral head art piece, and fused-glass & clay reef fish.

Our donor recognition wall is a perfect representation of Fishermen’s Community Hospital and the middle keys community. More than 60 years ago the middle keys were made up of commercial fishermen and visionary leaders who founded and financially supported building a

Working on a one of a kind masterpiece to showcase our amazing community support!

Working on a one of a kind masterpiece to showcase our amazing community support!

hospital. We paid tribute to the fishermen by naming our hospital Fishermen’s Community Hospital . The Donor Recognition Wall also showcases why residents and snowbirds live here and why visitors from around the world vacation hereĀ  in the keys. Our breathtaking turquoise clear waters, island lifestyle, diving our reefs, and fishing plays a large part of why the Florida Keys have become a premier travel destination. This island paradise is proudly displayed front and center on the wall.

Everyone has been captivated with the detail, time and perfection that The Art Studio had put into showcasing our generous donors, all while spotlighting the keys lifestyle. It really is a masterpieces and we invite you to stop by and view the beautiful accolade to our community. THANK YOU ART STUDIO!


Fishermen’s Hospital Mural Video from White Orchid Studios on Vimeo.

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