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Gifts in Wills and In Memory

Tribute gifts are a thoughtful and heartfelt way to recognize a relative, friend, caregiver, community member or loved one. Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation gratefully accepts gifts of this kind through three very special giving opportunities: In Memory Of Gifts and Exemplary Service Program.

“In Memory Of” Gifts
Memorial gifts are a thoughtful and very special way to honor the life and memory of a beloved relative, friend, community leader or loved-one while contributing to the care and programs at Fishermen’s Community Hospital.

An acknowledgment card will be sent to the family of the memorialized individual without mentioning the amount of the gift.

Upon the passing of a loved one, some families choose to designate Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation as the recipient of memorial gifts made in the deceased individuals’ name. We are touched by these heartfelt gifts and are happy to work with you to designate a fund or program that held special significance to your family.

To contribute in this way, you may use the “Donate Now” button above, or you may contact our office directly by phone 305.393.5720.

Exemplary Service Program
The exemplary service program provides former patients and their families with a unique way to recognize a Fishermen’s Community Hospital physician, nurse, housekeeper, volunteer, or other staff member who made a special difference during their visit or stay.

With their tax-deductible donation to the Foundation, donors can name their own Fishermen’s Community Hospital Exemplary Employee, while also giving to support Fishermen’s Community Hospital’s life-saving work.

The Foundation is honored to recognize Fishermen’s Community Hospitals Exemplary Employee by presenting them with a card informing them of the donor’s thoughtful gift.

Exemplary Service gifts may also be made by recent patients using the “Donate Now”  button above.

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