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2017 Sweetheart Ball held on February 4, 2017

Hosted at  “The Baitshack” the stunning property & home of Steven and Sheila J Cook (Pictured Above)

We had 310 people in attendance at our 2017 Sweetheart Ball and raised $185,000 (net proceeds) to purchase 17 new stretchers for our Emergency Room, Outpatient Areas, and Ultra Sound Room. Thank you again for all your support at this years ball.

Looking forward to our 2018 Sweetheart Ball at “The Baitshack again!”


2016 Sweetheart Ball held at a private Jet Hangar

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Pictured: Dianne Wietz, Bettye (Bateman) Chaplin, Gloria (Bateman) Davis, Melody (Aldacosta) Kelly, Nikki (Ivins) Alexandar, Ruthie (Ivins) Varner, Sharon (Freeman) Bossert, John Spottswood III, Mary (Sadowski) Guerin, Scott Cavanah, Beth (Anderson) Cormier, David Schmitt, Ginger Henderson, Sheri Mather, Ross Elwell, Carol (Cothron) Ross, Beth Kunitz, Janice Elwell, Bonnie (Campbell) Cucchi, Mike Puto, Barbara Musacchia, Lyle Cameron, Tammy Elwell and Ryan Elwell 

2016 Fishermen’s Community Hospital Foundation’s 56th Sweetheart Ball Honored 17 Founder’s Families                                

At this year’s 2016 Sweetheart Ball it was an honor for Fishermen’s Community Hospital Foundation to re-engage with 17 of our Founder’s Families; recognizing their families sacrifices and efforts they made while building Fishermen’s Community Hospital, 60 years ago.

                                                                                                                                               We look forward to working together as we build Fishermen’s Community Hospital’s Future!


2016 Sweetheart Ball
Even though Mother Nature didn’t cooperate the evening of our Sweetheart Ball, a heavy consistent down pour of rain; it was still our largest attended event to date. Over 365 people braved the weather to attend this year’s Sweetheart Ball. We raised $90,000 to purchase new life saving cardiac monitors for Fishermen’s Community Hospital Emergency  Room. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



Sweetheart Ball Tickets

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Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation’s
55th Sweetheart Ball is a Sweet Success

Generous Gift of $500,000 presented at the event

February 12, 2015

2015 Sweetheart Ball Family of Ruth M. Counihan

Ruth M. Counihan’s Family: ( Pictured from Left to Right) Catherine P. Brown (Granddaughter) Laurie Counihan Brown, Scott T. Counihan, and Christina L. Counihan, AT2 (AW/SW) (Granddaughter)

MARATHON, Florida — Hosted by Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation (FHF) on February 7th, 2015, over 330 people attended the 55th Sweetheart Ball, honoring Ruth M. Counihan, the First Auxiliary President and a trailblazer in forming Fishermen’s Community Hospital (FCH).

The long standing tradition of the “Sweetheart Ball” started well over a half century ago and has been dormant for many years during FCH’s lease to a for profit entity.  The Foundation, with the assistance of Fishermen’s Hospital Auxiliary, Hospital staff, and local Community members, created a magical evening filled with a scrumptious dinner catered by the Green Turtle Inn, exciting dancing accompanied by Brian Roberts & The Prime Movers, a moving video produced by White Orchid Studios, and a fantastic silent auction that raised over $15,000.

FHF was presented with a very generous gift of $500,000, from Dick and Brigitte Blaudow, dedicated to improving the Hospital’s ability to better serve our Community. “When Dick and I were looking at purchasing our home in the breathtaking middle keys in 2005, we obviously were drawn here for the many same reasons people make the Florida Keys their home or second home; the beautiful water, the boating, the fishing, the weather but for us it was also the local airport, golf course and all the other remarkable things to do in Middle Keys. However ten years ago the thought of a quality hospital and 24/7 medical care never even crossed our minds. Nonetheless now at our age and the age of our guests visiting, to have an emergency room 24/7 is necessity. When we heard FCH, our community-owned hospital need community members to step up we were happy to do so as we know the importance of having a local hospital and the availability to get care at any given time with no doubt in our minds was the number one reason we gave the money” said Brigitte Blaudow of Key Colony Beach.

Fishermen's Hospital Foundation 2015 Sweetheart Ball“The major challenge that Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation faces is making the connection between our Marathon Community and the reality that FCH has recently returned to its not-for-profit community owned status. The fact that a family from Buffalo, NY came to our event to celebrate their mother’s legacy combined with the Community’s incredible participation through donations and attendance was fantastic. To top it all off, we received a very generous gift of a half million dollars, from Dick and Brigitte Blaudow, dedicated to improving the Hospital’s ability to better serve our Community. We are clearly making headway in our goal for the Middle Keys Community we serve to join us in taking ownership of our Hospital.  I could not be more proud of our Foundation, our Hospital, and our Community.  We ask everyone to take an active role in improving FCH in whatever way they are able to contribute. I am pleased to announce that FHF raised over $500,000 (we are still tallying all income/expenses) and that all proceeds will be used to help fund facility upgrades, purchase innovative equipment & technologies, and underwrite services that directly benefit our patients and our community. We are actively planning for the 2016 Sweetheart Ball” said Marv Schindler, President of The Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation Board.


2015 Sweatheart Ball Sponsor Thank You



Fishermens Hospital Sweetheart Ball

Cultivating Support for Our Community Hospital.